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LA Orpheum Finale Party

The Trip From Andrew's Perspective...

Row 42 from Minneapolis to LA.

That's the view for Tailies.

Baggage claim 4 at LAX.

The line for the Orpheum wrapped around the block to the back.
This was where we waited.

The Friggen Italian was there filming the line as we were waiting.
Pay close attention around the 2:40 mark.

The marque welcomed us.
The Orpheum is a beautiful venue.

Panel one.

Panel two.

Panel three.

Ashley in line for drinks. The Dharma van in the background.

The Station 11 orientation film.
One of the three corresponding collectible kits I purchased.
The contents include:

An orientation letter.

Commemorative Poster
An Apollo Bar.
Yep, it's genuine.
And finally, a "How Will It End?" Patch.

The How Will It End? winner was presented with the Dharma van.
This is the moment our audio recording of Michael Emerson starts...

...and continued.

Then it was finally time to watch The End with 2000 fellow fans.

When it was over, Ashley and I took a picture on the red carpet.

So long, LA "space" X.

As I took the picture for row 23, my "single serving friend", who I
learned had also been at the premiere party, pointed out ABC.

Two things: A number 51 "Kate Gate" and "The Light".

Row 8 on my final flight at 4:15. If you're wonder where 16 was...
It's the number of hours I slept when I got home. No joke.