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San Diego Comic-Con 2011

Live Comic-Con Podcast (with extras... and SPOILERS)

Jay & Jack (0:34)

Carlton's Stormtrooper Entrance
Damon's Boba Fett Follow-up
Entertainment Weekly LOST Panel
Michael Giacchino in the Audience (5:50)

Profiles In History Time Machine On Display (8:03)

After LOST T-shirt Backs (12:55)
Ryan Ozawa With His New After LOST T-shirt

Andrew As Kick-Ass Asleep In Line For Hall H (18:52)
Swarmed For Pics On Sunday
Tweeted Pic Of Andrew And David (33:00)
Andrew Interviews Paul Burrows (40:13)

The Massive San Diego Convention Center (50:01)
Out of Nowhere... The TARDIS (1:08:03)
Reproduction of the First Delorean Time Machine (1:08:45)
Plutonium Case (1:08:55)
Does Batman Like LOST? (1:14:04)

The Mic Flag That I Didn't Point At (1:26:18)
Rich's Soul Geek Flyer (1:55:00)